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ECS White Book

The Space of the new Economic Cooperation is formed by a community of subjects striving to create on the principles of cooperation an environment for the development of their countries’ economies, conditions for the creativity realization of entrepreneurs and engineers, for the transformation of the economy and public relations in general interest on a sovereign secure infrastructure.

Why is it new Economic Cooperation (ECS)? Economic cooperation has existed for a long time and in various forms. But in the context of the global transformation of the economy, with the transition of communication systems, relations and processes to the digital space, economic cooperation has not yet been carried out. At core, cooperation is changing, old mechanisms, institutions and practices gradually cease to work. Now we interact in a transitional period (the transition will most likely be the fastest), that is, several forms of relations from different structures coexist at the same time.

Economic cooperation in the era of digital transformation is acquiring fundamentally new characteristics. One of the main ones is the collective models of the activities of subjects, connected not only through physical space, but through digital.

The ECS model differs from all existing types of cooperation in mission, principles, approaches, and the main cooperation participants.

The uniqueness of the approach