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Consortium `Digital Economy`

The Consortium “Digital Economy“ was created to combine efforts, knowledge, competencies and other resources to form directions for the implementation of the developed concept, to develop education and its infrastructure in accordance with the adopted concept, obtaining orders, grants, etc. in order to fulfill it in the spirit of the accepted concept. The Consortium is based on 12 leading universities of the country. Since February 2019, we have embarked upon the second stage of the Consortium's development. Within this stage, another 40 universities, 15 research institutes and 10 corporations will be joined.

ANO “Digital Country” performs the functions of the Consortium's project office.

Objectives of the Consortium
  • Creating conditions for ensuring the leadership of the EAEU in the upcoming new world order caused by the development of the digital economy
  • Consolidation of efforts, knowledge, administrative resources, competencies and other resources by using an asymmetric method
  • Creation of digital infrastructure of science and education as the basis of the Digital Economy of the EAEU
  • Training of teachers and specialists, development of methodologies and standards in the field of the Digital Economy, creation of end-to-end educating technology - from kindergarten and throughout an active life
  • Creation of a trusted center of the Digital Economy
  • Social responsibility development of society members

The uniqueness of the approach

  • there are working models - basic solutions tested
  • a list of interested customers has been formed - experience confirms almost 100% response to the proposed solutions